Sunday, February 20, 2011

Good quality items to clear

As I moved in to the new place, I realised I have a lot of stuff. So now, I m taking the opportunity to clear. I have created another site to facilitate this as I dont want to "corrupt" this house-hold blog..hehehehe


Some of the items that may interest you:

Kitchen Item:
1) Coffee Maker
2) Juicer
3) Pyrax
4) Cutleries
5) Corningware

Handbags (new)
1) Coach
2) Gin & Jacqie

Baby Items:    
1) Baby Car Seat
2) Baby High Chair
3) Cloth Diapers

Feel free to browse around. Thank you.


  1. I want the Coach bag,,, hahahahah,now going to your new blog

  2. Nice Coach bag, can nego somemore or not? interested also,, wifey will like it , i am sure.........

  3. Hi Little Lam, yes, good to sell off what you don't need.
    Start new for new place.
    Have fun and keep well.