Monday, April 4, 2011

FattyCrabs @

I'm someone who loves to eat crabs
I'm someone who loves to polish the crabs clean. I will ensure every corner of the crab is being licked clean.
To do this, I need time.
I used to frequent Telok Gong and Lala Chong Restaurants quite often. However everytime I feel embarrassed when my guest (mostly family n friends) to wait for me to finish eating. Its not nice when you are the only one in the table eating and the rest have mostly finished their meal.

I first came across Fattycrabs from reading HweiLi's blog. She gave a very positive review about it. Initially I thought this Fattycrabs was from the Taman Megah eatery. However I did clarified with the owner and ITS NOT. Fattycrabs is a total different entity.

Then another friend, Yvonne also gave her thumbs up.

I then took the opportunity when my parents celebrated their anniversary to have a Crabs Meal. I knew my dad would love it and to eat crabs in the comfort of your home..WHY NOT?

So the day before, I called up and made the booking. I ordered 3 crabs, and some side dishes. ON the day itself 16 March, they arrived as agreed. However the left some of the side dishes behind and they have to go all the way back to KL to pick it up and re-send it. This actually spoiled the evening as everyone was looking forward to have a good meal. Nevertheless we ate and the food actually tasted good. My mom who dont really favor crab also ate despite knowing her rashes will surface. But I guess mom wanted to enjoy the night with everyone else.

So the next question..will I order from them again? Definitely. I do plan to order this round to eat on my own without anyone..with beer and watching my soap operas.


Sweet and Sour Chili Crab

Salted Egg Crab

Fried Noodles with Crab sticks

Chicken Wings

Items they forgot to bring and I forgot to snap: Rojak, Man-Tou (Fried and Steam), Fried Rice

Happy Couple of the night.


  1. Speaking of crab, my lovely will die for it,everytime when we makan crab, she will be the last one nibbling away the crabs and i will be the one eating half way and pass to the,,,

    anyway not really a fan of seafood,, except fresh tuna, salmon and oysters

    take care now ya

  2. I am not a fan of crab but I think you and my hubby will click instantly as he loves crabs too.. hehehe

  3. Hi Little Lamb, I guess most people love crabs. Me too.
    I have heard of Fatty crabs in PJ.
    Old days I used to travel extensively to the East Coast and on my way home will buy from riverside stalls....and especially during the late evenings, the owners want to go home will let me take a dozen or so cheap.
    And they were big too. Give some to my neighbours, I boil them myself and had fun.

    Here we get Blue crabs from US, as well big ones from HK. Or Vietnam.
    I love lobsters too....and they grow real big here, more than 10 pounds!
    That very nice couple your parents? Nice parents you have.
    Still young.
    I bet I'm older than your dad, ha ha.
    Best regards, Lee.

  4. When eating crab, prefer with own family. Can take own sweet time licking it..hahahah

  5. Hi Little Lamb...was browsing and came across your writing up about Thanks for sharing it and the kind words. Hope to hear from you again either with our delivery service or dining-in at our restaurant at Taman Seputeh. Cheers! Franco

  6. Happy mommy and daddy with the treats from you:-)
    You very "hao soon".

    Yooo...I like to eat some too. Such a long time did not eat crab!