Monday, June 7, 2010

Italiannies, Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang Jaya

This lady, a very helpful and nice person informed via facebook that Italiannies eatery at Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang Jaya will be having its opening promotion. So what's the promotion?


So on a Monday at work, I told my colleagues and we made the bookings. Guess what, our lunch time has been brought forward to 11.30 am. That the time we were given. So off we went in high speed as we made reservations and confirmed at 11.20 am only.

Once we reached there, the restaurant was still empty. The 4 of us were split to 2 tables as they (the management) wanted to trial run the business. So I sat with my colleague Mr Leong..and at the same time can have department meeting la...ahahahhaha

This is what we had
The bread.
This is given FOC /On the house with their vinegar and olive oil
We were also given "monopoly" money to pay ehehehehe how fun.
The menu to choose from
My fizzy drink.
In future, just order 1 softdrink or Ice lemon tea as its free refill
This is yum. I like this a lot. 9 pieces of shrimp.
And this portion is good for 2. *tip*

Their pizza
Showing you the portion size..

This is NOT a paid post. Just sharing information and sometimes there is free lunch ;p


  1. lovely meal! We also had this free meal, but different menu :)

    The food and service were excellent!

  2. Wow... NICE! There are free lunch in this world, after all :D

  3. wow wow! what a nice treat! love all youd food choices :-)

  4. Just saw this in Kristie post. Wow...look so delicious

  5. si beh shiok! i was looking forward to dine in this restaurant, but the look of it *pricey look*, we still dare not go in as of today. Free lunch will be good if we got to know earlier, hehe...

  6. Darn....missed it! But I quite like may go splurge this weekend. :)

  7. Oh knowing this restaurant a while ago but yet pay a visit there.

  8. Look yummy! must try out one day!

  9. The food looks really good! Must check this out one day!

  10. Good on you! My work place is so near to Empire Subang but didn't know about this promo.