Monday, June 28, 2010

Choosing the ID (Interior Designer) - Part 1

For my USJ house, I didnt have the luxury for an Interior Designer. More so, in early 2000, getting an ID is only for the rich. Being single, young, "starting-out", I decided to use my own creativity to do up the house. I relied on Ikea and overseas magazines a lot.

This time round, I decided to go for an ID. As I am not familiar in this industry, the best thing to do was to google. So I google-d around but there was very little info on ID in Malaysia. Also, I didnt had time to visit those home expos in MV or PWTC.

Thus, I asked, surveyed, google-d...and I found - googled and found out Joanna also used her - recommendation from Debbie Space Matrix in Damansara Jaya - recommendation from friend.

Because I am quite busy at work, I needed info on the spot. Thankfully, I had Joanna (, Agnes ( and Debbie. ( Thank you for the bloggers. They were also renovating their house and I thank God for knowing them and they gave a lot of valuable info and advise to me.

Ps: Agnes' blog is private. I guess if you want to read her blog, please let me know.


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  2. WOW...ID ya! It's so exciting to move into a new house and do renovation and all that! Hope you have some exciting ideas at a goodp price.

  3. Ann, am satisfied with the results. Now hands itchy to do more renovation....