Thursday, March 6, 2014

First 5km Walk/Run

The last time I remembered myself in a walk event was when I'm 10 years old. Now that I am 38, not sure to say ashamed or proud..I never participated in one.

Last Oct 2013, my colleague persuaded me to join. I was very skeptical as I have no previous training. However I was determined to complete my first walk and I did. I am so happy with myself.

A very meaningful event. Charitable one for cancer :)

Myself and Colleague . I managed to finish within 1 hour 5 mins 


  1. Got medal some more. Good, at least keep as memories. I never participate in any marathon / run / walk events. I don't have the stamina. Climbing stairs at home already made me panting.

  2. congrats! on your 5km. I still stuck at 4km. Me also hv signed up for a run mth end.
    how are u and your boy?