Monday, September 19, 2011

Plastic Bottle Cap

Was thinking what can I do with a plastic bottle cap? Most time, I seen people using the bottom part of the bottle to store stationary or chopsticks.. Then a thought.. Plastic Bottle cap was meant to tighten the bottle, to prevent leakage.

So I started to experiment.

Indicate where to cut

This was the ultimate test.
Ie: U can use this for biscuits / beans / anything as its air-tight. 
But I wanted to see if water would leak out
Insert as shown. Best you experiment on your own

After I tighten it, I threw the packet against the wall. drip, no leak, no break :D

Then I google..I found this...:(
This picture was source from google search.


  1. Cool! Never thought of that. Will experiment on my own - thanks for sharing.

  2. Wahh..i really like this idea.
    Will start collecting some bottle cap:-)