Thursday, September 13, 2012

Miso Paste

Thanks to a group of ladies. I found out that I can use Miso paste for so many other dishes besides Miso soup.

I chanced upon an organic one, paste type (not powdered) in NHF inside Tesco Paradigm Mall.

So I bought a tub. I have been using it for my seasoning and hence hardly any drop of salt use in my dishes for almost 3-4 months? I have made porridge, cantonese gong fu chow, salad and stir fries.

I dont need to use a lot and found a way to store it.

Ice tray with covers


  1. My boys love this so much but to bad, we can only do one dish with it,that's is Miso soup hahahah

  2. Good idea to store the Miso paste inside the ice cube tray.

  3. I wanted to buy this (same packaging, also in paste form but not organic, I think) when I saw it in Presto yesterday but was put off by the huge container. Good idea to freeze it like that!

  4. I've no idea we can buy our own Miso paste! @_@

  5. Why do you have to put it in little containers? Cannot just scoop out with clean spoon?

    I too recently bought but coz I didn't know better, bought the powder kind. Next time will try this one.