Monday, May 21, 2012

McDonalds and his integrity

Yes, another post on McDonalds.

They are having the Hotwheels promo. So without much hesitation, P wants to get his hand on all the 4 cars. Imagine 4 cars means I have to visit McD 4 different times. So came the second week, we happily went to McD. After the previous experience, I thought I could be wiser when ordering. So I ordered 1 Value Meal + 1 Toy at RM3. When the lady gave the toy, it was the old stock. She said the weeks new toy is out of stock. So I requested to be refunded. and guess what? She only refunded me RM3 and not RM3.15 with the tax I paid. I demanded for the tax and she sternly said no. It was a packed Saturday and I didnt want to make further noise. Now, my son label this branch as "BAD MCDs"


  1. oh they have hot wheels promo now? Will check it out :-)

  2. why do they swallow your tax ah? guess the tax they paid to Inland Revenue is based on the purchase right? so, with the extra 15 cents unjustified, they can just bypass the audit... :p

  3. Aiyo....just your luck. But funny...they should refund you in full (incl the tax). Something just not right!

  4. Next time must always ask first (for the availability of the toy) before you order. I've learned my lesson this way too. Btw, Chloe is crazy over Hotwheels too and I bought one for her. Surprisingly, it is made in Malaysia lah! I bought a Barbie too and that is made in China ;)

  5. Hi, how you doin? Not sure you remember me.....
    I guess these fast food places sure knows how to kids to keep coming back for more.
    You have fun, and keep a song in your heart.
    Best regards.