Monday, August 8, 2011

Entah Apa-apa meal

I think I am hitting mid-life crisis. Because there are days that I rather DONT EAT than EAT because I just dont know what to EAT. I will search the entire kitchen for food (although there is food) but seems not appealing... Is this being fussy or just really a mid-life thing?

Anyway, come desperate times, desperate measures. Found a packet of noodles. I didn't use the seasoning cos its high in MSG. So I made the noodles.

Step 2: Add in whatever sauce I have.. again I m contradicting myself right..Seasoning from the noodle packet is MSG...this 2 bottles also has MSG ....*slap myself*

Step 3: Mix them with some seaweed and fried steam egg.

Dinner is served for me and me alone.


  1. You need to eat even if you dont know what to eat or dont feel like eating else you end up with gastritis like me. Now I am stuck with it. Sigh!!!!

  2. Hi, better eat something.....presently there's lots of packaged foods from Chinese to Indian to Nyonya....just pop into oven or microwave, thats it.
    Not good keep tum tum empty.
    You keep well, best regards.

  3. Maybe you can deep fried alot of shallots and stored it in fridge. It comes very handy when you need to prep dried noodle. Just add in some dark and light soya sauce, sesame oil and the shallots.